Not just another media agency


What is Waggle?

Waggle is not just another media agency. We are a lead nurturing machine that brings together the media minds of IUM and the communication experts of SPRING FAMILY with a clear purpose: To make it easier for our clients to close sales.

Waggle’s unique combination of specialist skills ensures that the right media are used for the right messages at the right time – every time.

Want to know more?

Why should you Waggle?


Knowledge all over the place

We are all about customer insights and know how to make people from Kolding to Kiruna your next customers. In this, we’ve got a hard-to-beat Global media network to draw on.


Fair and square

Waggle is transparent. We charge a fixed fee for media planning whatever your media budget may be. That will give you more flexibility and more effect for less money down.

Strong backing  

SPRING FAMILY and IUM have joined forces to offer a new, integrated approach to lead generation and conversion. Waggle combines hardcore communication expertise and solid media experience.